7X Ranch


Combined Map 7X Ranch and Alvey Ranch

Interactive Map

The renowned 7X Ranch may be the most historic ranch in western Colorado. Established in the late 1800’s this working ranch was known as the “Cattle Barons Castle”. The stone mansion has become a landmark with its gracious setting and manicured lawns. Complementing buildings are a stone “Carriage House”, classic 3 level barn, and homestead log cabin. 1,400 acres total including 500 irrigated acres for hay, grain and corn. Several miles of public lands boundary, and included is control of adjoining 2,680 acre BLM grazing lease. Good big game hunting for elk, deer, lions and bear. Trout fishing on nearly a mile of Leroux Creek.  Plenty of non-game wildlife, hiking and riding trails, and only a 20 minute drive to the old west town of Hotchkiss. Cattle barns, sheds, corrals and feed pens. Nice climate at 6,700ft elevation can be used year around for livestock and recreation.


MLS# 715934



7X view from west


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